January 11, 2018

Lime & Lilac - light nourishing oil

To most It may seem a little counterintuitive to use a face oil on a challenged/combination skin but I feel it's been the one ingredient that has had a positive impact on my overall complexion.  My personal journey with oils started many, many moons ago; although unfortunately it wasn't always plain sailing as many were just too rich!  There are a vast amount of seed oils to choose from; each offering their own unique qualities whether it be different textures, smells (some pungent), absorption rates etc.  

Even though my skincare courses have come to an end I still find myself researching oils and their chemical composition - I'm truly hooked, especially with their ability to naturally nourish and heal the skin.  It has always been my dream to create my own skincare range, specifically using oils and now I have the tools to accomplish this dream I'm very close to launching my first light nourishing face oil.  I'm currently in preparation for...

December 19, 2017

After chatting to a friend about the effects of UVA and UVB rays on the skin, I decided to write a simple explanatory blog on the subject.  As a sun shy person I've always been an advocate of high protection sun care, big densely woven floppy hats, good quality sunglass  (protecting the eyes from UV rays) and shade!  I realise most 'normal' individuals love returning home from a relaxing summer holiday with a healthy tan; for me it's quite the opposite and always has been.  I embrace the 'pale and interesting' look -  yep each to their own ;).  

As we all know UVB stimulates the melanin present in our skin - thus creating a tan but it can also cause sunburn if we're not careful; increasing the likelihood of developing skin cancers.  It also thickens the epidermis with prolonged exposure.  

UVB rays penetrate the very top layers of the skin, whereas UVA rays unfortunately reach the lower levels of the dermis where the collagen fibres and blood vessels are sit...

November 6, 2017

Apothaka Rebalancing cleansing oil - It'll probably come as no surprise that I'm loving this cleansing oil. Not only does it command attention with its plethora of intelligent balancing oils (high linoleic) but it is also beneficial for those with combination skin......music to my ears.  However, don't let this factor fool you as its very capable of quenching a thirsty skin without leaving any unwanted oily residue in its wake. 

I'm personally fascinated by all things aromatherapy/plant oils and their ability to treat different skincare needs and ailments; so as you can imagine I was over the moon when Natasha from Apothaka skin care reached out and asked if I'd like to try her new Rebalancing cleansing oil.   

The fragrance is as I'd expected- a subtle aroma of geranium with a hint of lavender; making it a truly decadent experience.  I've been enjoying taking a few uninterrupted moments to myself to truly experience this cleanser to the full.  The ingredients are just too...

November 5, 2017

The Natural Beauty box U.K. is a wonderful way to experience exciting natural, 100% cruelty free beauty; whether it be for the face or body, each of the products have been carefully curated to ensure the customer keeps coming back for more.

This is a monthly subscription beauty hamper that houses 5-6 niche British beauty brands; each with their own uniqueness.  I've currently received 2 subscription boxes and each time I'm blown away by the quality of the ingredients and the heavenly scent that I'm greeted with when unwrapping the goodies - it feels beautifully indulgent ❤️

Variety truly is the spice of life and I personally feel this is where the Natural Beauty box stands proud above each of the other subscription boxes.  These for me have never been enticing enough; if anything I feel they're repetitive and contain items that for one I'd never dream of purchasing or perhaps something I could easily pick up from the shops - where's the fun in that!  Nothing quite piques my interest as a...

September 1, 2017

All readers will receive 20% off any purchase on the Vionic website with the code LL20 - valid until midnight Thursday 7th September.


This is my second blog on Vionic footwear.  See my blog page to read all about their Rest Sahara sandals.

I received these Uber comfortable Vionic black suede trainers from Myriad PR.  To say I love trainers is quite possibly the understatement of the year!!

This classic style - Fresh Kenley allows me to wear these trainers with pretty much any outfit; either dressed up or dressed down. 

What Vionic say: Vionic is a fashionable and comfortable footwear range with Bio mechanically-designed orthotic technology, which helps restore natural foot function and promote well- being with every step.............as an active person I'm all for that :)

My obsession for Vionic shoes started April/May time this year when I first discovered their sandals.  Go check out their website and spend, spend, spend!!

July 4, 2017

New Hall LAVENDER Facial Anti-Ageing Serum has a delicate, refined and sophisticated scent; quite unlike any other lavender product I have ever previously used.  This artisan oil is made in small batches which ensures a high quality product is delivered each and every time.  The texture is seriously divine - silky and light. It absorbs into the skin beautifully and leaves my skin nourished but without any heavy residue.  I had no reluctance in applying this oil to my combination, and sometimes dehydrated skin.  Some oils fill me with sheer dread due to their heavy consistency!   This however, was a joy to use from day one.  My skins texture is refined and any dehydration lines have been quenched and plumped.  

The pure and organic lavender in this exquisite formula is grown and harvested on site at New Hall, West Sussex in England.  Each July the harvest is hand picked and placed in a copper still.  Pure, mineral rich water is then added, this is sourced from th...

June 27, 2017

Before I get into this post, I just wanted to say a big thank you to Lisa for asking me to guest on her wonderful blog!

Today I just wanted to share a few hints and tips that I've learnt about nail care over the years with you.. I used to be a biter, it's a hard habit to break, but once you do, you'll never look back! I'm so proud of how far my nails have come along. 

I don't particularly have a routine, but here are a few do’s and don’t’s I stick to…


  • Moisturise and look after those cuticles. You don't have to spend a fortune doing this, my cuticle oil of choice is by Apothaka Skincare, I use it at least twice a day, and it has significantly improved my nail and surrounding area’s health. 

  • Moisturise the hands too! No point having lovely well conditioned nails on crispy dry hands haha!

  • Use a crystal nail file. This will allow you to file backwards and forwards without damaging or tearing your nail tips, making for easier shaping of the nail.

  • Always wear a base coat w...

June 23, 2017

Tropika Coconut cleansing oil with olive oil

Tropika is a cruelty free British skincare brand that prides itself on using sustainable premium virgin coconut oil; adding different plant based extracts to each of their products. I'd like to start this review by mentioning Lisa from Tropikauk. What an absolute pleasure to talk to and I'm very chuffed that she reached out and introduced me to the world of Tropika Skincare. Even after airing my concerns over using a cleansing oil on my combination skin, Lisa reassured me and suggested only using a small amount at the beginning; just to see how my skin responded to the oils.

A company that recognises that their products aren't always suitable for everyone......is in my eyes a damn good one!! Now onto the cleanser. This silky oil has the most subtle exotic aroma and glides over the skin like a good cleanser should; melting away any makeup and daily grime from the skin within a matter of seconds. I was very excited to discover that when water i...

With the summer holidays fast approaching, I often wonder if anyone else feels my dread!  Of course there is nothing quite like having an annual getaway to look forward to BUT it can also be a daunting prospect - revealing your body to the world........OK, OK I realise I'm being dramatic but with my Italian holiday looming, I'm feeling a tad hysterical!!!  I've had months to prepare my body but oh no I leave it to the last 4 weeks!!  

Now, I do my fair share of exercise, in fact some may say I'm a little obsessional especially with my love for HIT and muscle exhaustion classes but I can't get enough of those mood boosting endorphins and in turn it firms my body.  

Food, Glorious Food! how you are my downfall :( If only I was as evangelical about my diet as I am my exercise regime.  I'm definitely no saint but then neither would I want to be, the thought of abstaining from my favourite treats brings me out in a cold sweat.  Admittedly, I indulge in too much coffee, crisps a...

The summer is fast approaching which inevitably means baring a little more skin, especially the feet.  Now, my passion for sandals has been a long and illustrious affair; with all their diverse styles, colours and textures but there is one rather big down fall - lack of comfort!  

A true testament of a good sandal is style (obviously) and the ability to be able to walk more than 100 metres without your toes pinching or stitching rubbing uncomfortably. 

This is no easy "feet" 👣, although thankfully increasingly easier to obtain in today's vast shoe market.  

I've recently discovered a brand that offers both looks and support, their technology hugs the arches and allows for the natural alignment of the foot and ankle.  To state that the Vionic sandals are comfortable is quite possibly the understatement of the year!  They are like no other shoe I have ever worn; well apart from my trusted trainers which don't always have the desired look. 

My chosen sandals are Rest Sahara i...

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